Greater Latrobe Parks

LEgion keener park

Rules of the park

  1. Parks are open from Dawn to Dusk
  2. No Dogs or Pets (except on Creekside and Lincoln Trail – must be on leash)
  3. No Alcohol or drugs on/in Parks/Trails
  4. No Smoking or vaping
  5. No Profanity
  6. No camping or staying overnight
  7. No Open Fires
  8. No Glass Bottles
  9. No Feeding the Wildlife (Geese, Birds, Squirrels, etc.)
  10. No motorized vehicles: Hover boards, Bicycles, Scooters etc. (Except wheelchairs or like devices for special needs/disabilities)
  11. No Metal Detecting or Geo-caching
  12. No Hitting Golf balls
  13. No Hunting
  14. No Firearms or weapons
  15. No Dumping Household or Commercial Trash
  16. No Excessively Loud or Offensive (Profanity) Music
  17. No parking vehicles overnight
  18. Only Park in designated spaces
  19. Bicycles are allowed on Legion Keener path only from 10am to 6pm
  20. Skateboards are not allowed on Legion Keener Path or in facilities
  21. Skateboards and scooters can use other paths/trails as long as users are not defacing property (tables, benches, curbs)
  22. Any organized activity, event, lesson, or program not under the parks & recreation umbrella must have permission to use the property and have a permit issued by the department.


If you see or suspect criminal activity please call 911. To report any maintenance issues call 724-537-4331. Please help us keep the parks safe and clean.

Legion Keener Park is a 52-acre community park located at 1658 Catherine Street in downtown Latrobe, Pennsylvania. This beautifully landscaped and impressively-equipped park offers areas for play, barbecuing, swimming and spectating. It has a 3-mile fitness trail for walking, jogging, rollerblading and biking. Sports abound, it has softball fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, sand and grass volleyball courts, and a handball court – all right near Latrobe Memorial Stadium. Kids can enjoy the Creekside Nature Trail and kid’s play areas. Entertainment can be had at the bandshell.


Every year the park hosts an annual 4th of July Festival with fireworks and a carnival. Latrobe Memorial Stadium, home to the Greater Latrobe Wildcats, host to the Pittsburgh Steelers preseason game in August and many events throughout the year.


Playland II, the main playground, is a combination of wooden castle and play palace. There are slides, swings, mazes, and towers for the kids to climb. It’s popular and well-designed area that captures the imagination of children.


The Rogers-McFeely Memorial Pool is available during the summer months. You can purchase passes through the Latrobe-GLSD Parks & Recreation office.


If you want to rent a pavilion, you can find pricing for Pavilion Rentals here. The largest pavilion has a 250-person capacity, plus you can also rent the entire park!


Legion Keener is maintained by Latrobe-GLSD Parks and Recreation who offer a number of programs for residents which are published twice a year in the Times.