Farmers Market


Make it, Bake it, Grow it

Come join us in the heart of Latrobe where friends and families gather. Abundant, local and fresh produce and flavorful baked goods, beautiful flowers, delicious food, and unique handmade artistries are presented within our beautiful park!

Special Guests & Events will be scheduled throughout the summer and fall. Like and follow us on Facebook for event updates.

Craig at the Latrobe Farmers Market
Become a Vendor

Thank you for playing such a vital role in our farmers’ market! Please review the rules below prior to applying.

  1. The Vendor will maintain their space in a neat and orderly condition. Upon leaving the premises the Vendor will remove all personal property from the area and properly dispose of all trash.
  2. Each Vendor will exhibit a sign in their space which clear identifies the business name & owner/seller of the product(s)
  3. Vendors are strongly encouraged to bring liability insurance naming the Greater Latrobe Parks & Recreation (hereafter GLPR) as additionally insured. The Latrobe Farmers’ Market does not insure its vendors. By signing the form, the GLPR assumes no liability from your willing participation. If you serve hot food, you must have a license form the PA Department of Agriculture.
  4. By signing the form the vendor indemnifies and holds harmless the Latrobe Foundation, City of Latrobe, Unity Township, GLSD and the Greater Latrobe Parks & Recreation Commission from any liability or loss resulting from any damage, whether to persons or property, resulting from the sale of any product(s) sold or actions of any kind caused by the Vendor or by participating in the market.
  5. All stands and tents placed on the property by the Vendor will be of sturdy construction, properly secured as to not ruin the parking lot or grass surfaces, and will be removed by the Vendor upon leaving the premises. The Vendor will exhibit a sign which identifies the owner of and the seller of the product(s) at Vendor’s stand.
  6. The vendor agrees to be set up and ready for business by 11:40AM on market day and will remain on site (unless an approved family emergency OK’d by Market Manger) until the close of market day at 4:00 p.m. You will not be permitted to use the main entry past 11:40AM. Arrangement MUST be made prior to the market opening at NOON. Please remember this is a park NOT a parking lot. If you do decide to leave early without permission you will receive a phone call by Craig Shevchik, Director of Parks & Recreation followed by a written notice, and a second time will be asked to not return.
  7. The vendor agrees & understands it’s a privilege not a right to be a vendor. Please remember you are a reflection of the Latrobe Market. The Market holds the right to refuse a vendor on actions at the Latrobe market or any local market.